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Leadership Team

Tanya Dueri

Partner - Director of Photography

Wait—so she’s a creative, but also organized? Tanya breaks the stereotype of what it means to be a creative. With 10 years at IBM as a Project Manager, Business Analyst and Programmer and 10 years as a Professional Photographer, Photo Editor and Videographer, Tanya’s background is delightfully bipolar. I suppose we should have seen this diversity coming—she graduated from UC Davis with a degree in Mathematics AND also hold a Bachelors in Fine Art Photography from CU Boulder. When not in the office, you can usually find her, with or without her camera, on the mountain bike trails in and around Boulder.

Tanya’s Fun Facts
• She made her first movie her senior year of college about belly buttons using dual tape recorders and a slide projector (we’re still confused as to how this works).
• Clean and modern design and fonts get her really excited.
• Tanya thinks every meal should include a taco.
• She has an abnormal obsession with tiny dogs and pretty much every
other tiny animal.

Jeanne Eisenhaure

Partner - Director + Producer

An entrepreneurship junkie, Jeanne is excited by innovation that improves the world. She has been described as aggressively social and thrives from the energy gained from connecting people and ideas. A master storyteller, idea maker, and —most importantly—a doer, Jeanne makes things happen. A pragmatic idealist with a background in production, marketing, and sales, Jeanne has seen first hand how for-profit businesses can be vehicles for social and environmental improvement, in addition to creating long-term organic and sustainable financial growth. Jeanne’s vision is to help businesses do WELL and do GOOD.

Jeanne’s Fun Facts
• A daily bike commuter, she started as an Instagram project the summer of 2013.
• After watching a Shannon Hoon VH1 Behind the Music special she started video documenting everything her senior year of high school.
• Jeanne’s constant activity doesn’t end when she goes to bed; an active sleeper and sleep talker she’s a constant whirlwind of energy.

Why just build a business when you can start a movement?

What our clients say

``These videos are an instant hit with everyone I show them to! Seriously, crowd pleaser's all around!``- Boulder International Film Festival (BIFF) Sustainability Team
``Over 1000 views in nearly unheard of with our video posts, so way to go team!``- City of Boulder
``They were extremely professional and our clients and team members appearing in the video felt very comfortable during shooting. The quality of the video is outstanding and the assistance keeping us all on point was impressive. I would highly recommend Jett Digital to any company looking for a polished video.``- Sustainably Built
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We don’t just make videos and step away, we create a story with your audience in mind and provide guidance on running a successful marketing campaign.
Our Mission

Every business has a unique story and we want to help you share your story in a way that reaches your audience.  We believe in the honesty of every story, big or small.  Through authentic content built for you, we want to foster an emotional connection with your target audience.

Our Vision

We see the world as a beautiful place.  Yes, this may seem hopelessly optimistic, but that’s how we choose to see the world.  Our vision is to help our clients find the unique beauty in their business. Successful businesses don’t just turn a profit, they focus on why they are in business and communicate that in a clear and consistent way.


Our Philosophy

We focus on your core mission to develop highly engaging brand videos and strategic marketing plans that emphasize your authentic message in a crowded marketplace. Client satisfaction is first and foremost and we make sure to listen first to understand your overall goals.

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