Nov 18

Biking with your Dog – A Different Kind of Boulder Bike Video

A typical bike video produced in our home town of Boulder, Colorado involved lots of dirt flying in slo mo, epic air shots,  and close up on riders ‘try hard’ face.  This video is none of that, but rather a goofy review of the Burley Cart Tail Wagon by Jett DIGiTAL’s partner Jeanne Eisenhaure.

For those of you who may not know, the folks at Jett DIGiTAL are passionate bike advocates and share their enthusiasm through their Bike Stylish project.

Enjoy Jeanne’s full bike video review of her Burley Cart Tail Wagon below.

We also did a 15 second social media video for our Instagram. Producing a video with several social media snippets is a new offering at Jett DIGiTAL that our clients are loving!